Mati Russo Gallery

Mati Russo is a contemporary artist, currently living in the Los Angeles area, born in New York City.
Her Art is influenced by her own personal experiences while living in New York (including living through the attacks of 911) and her experiences since moving across the country to Los Angeles.
She has been extremely affected and influenced by the world events of the past fifteen years which is reflected, both directly and indirectly, throughout her art.
A unique juxtaposition of beauty and pain, her art illuminates the wall while at the same time evoking thoughts and feelings causing the viewer to reflect on their personal lives and the shifting currents of the world around them.

"My work is a reflection  of my life as it is affected by events, both personal and global.
Sometimes it mirrors the joy that life has brought me, or it may be a shadow of the angst that sometimes shrouds our everyday lives.
Whatever the inspiration, each work evolves in its own unique way, whether starting as a field of color, a grid of plaster or a shield of images and found objects.
The journey to completion is a metamorphosis, sometimes slow, sometimes quickly, until the final image of the thought or emotion I am endeavoring to communicate reveals itself to me."

Mati Russo

About Mati Russo - Abstract Artist